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2024 Holiday Schedule

The official 2024 Holiday Schedule is as follows:

We WILL BE WORKING a normal pickup schedule on the following dates in 2024:
    * Monday, January 1 st (New Years Day)
    * Thursday, July 4 th (4 th of July)

Holidays that will result in your Garbage and Recycling being delayed by 1-day are listed below:
    * Memorial Day
    * Labor Day
    * Thanksgiving
    * Christmas

**If any of the above holidays fall ON or BEFORE your pick-up day, all services will be delayed
one day for that week. If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, NO changes will occur.**

****Unless listed above, NO OTHER weeks result in an altered schedule. For all weeks, please
make sure containers are placed at the curb the night before with the handles facing your

If there are any questions concerning the holiday schedule, please call our office at 217-356-