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Yard Waste Stickers

Yard waste services are only available to ILLINI RECYCLING garbage hauling customers

  • Yard waste collection is every Thursday (with the possible exception of holiday weeks) and customers MUST contact the office by 4pm the day before to be placed on the list
  • Yard waste collection operates on a sticker system and 1 sticker should be placed on each bag or bundle of yard waste in order to be picked up
  • Stickers can be requested online through our website or by calling the office. Stickers are $3 each and do not expire. Unless you are picking up the stickers at our office, the minimum number of stickers to be mailed is 5
  • Yard waste must be in brown paper yardwaste bags (no plastic bags or cans of any kind). Bundles can be up to 4 feet in length and tied with up to a 3 foot string or twine.
  • If you are using this form to also request yard waste collection please specify the Thursday date you are wanting the collection to occur in the comment box below.

Stickers Requested ($3 each)