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– One (1) 32 gallon can provided by customer


– Up to four (4) 32 gallon cans provided by customer


– 96 gallon toter provided by Illini Recycling
– Additional 32 gallon can (provided by customer) allowed at no additional charge

**Automated trucks that utilize a mechanical arm to grab the garbage cans to dispose of the trash are used on some routes. Please use garbage/recycling cans that have hinged lids which are sturdy enough to withstand the operation of the equipment. We are NOT responsible for damage to personally owned cans on these routes.

All garbage options include unlimited FREE curbside recycling pickup.

An optional 96-gallon recycling toter may be provided at the customers request at no additional charge.

If Illini Recycling provides either the garbage or recycling toter, then the customer will be billed at the $27 per month rate.

*Senior rate available*